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MUDr. Peter Skulina

Visiting specialist, consultant

Specialization: Stomatosurgery, Implantology, parodontology


Dr. Peter Skulina was born and grew up in Snina, Slovakia. He graduated from Medical Faculty of Pavol Jozef Šafarik University in Košice in the field of dentistry. He is officially certified dento-alveolar surgeon and periodontologist by the Czech Dental Chamber.

Dr. Peter Skulina is also a member of the Czech Periodontal Society and International Implantology Organization ITI.

Dr. Skulina's clinical practice commenced in 2004 at the Stomatological center Prague, where he still works. He regularly participates in international courses and congresses in the field of periodontology and implantology (Bern, Geneva, Reykjavik).


He speaks English and German.

In his free time he likes to enjoy his life.




MDDr. Petra Smolková (roz. Pudíková)


Specialization: restorative dentistry, prosthetics, endodontics,

basic surgery and paro treatment


Dr. Petra was born in Písek, where she also graduated from the Grammar School. Having taken school leaving exams in 2004, she commenced her studies at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Pilsen, specializing in dentistry, which she successfully graduated in 2010.

During her studies she spent most of her summer holidays at expert stays in Macedonia (Skopje 2007) and in Egypt (Cairo 2008), where she enlarged her experience in both the field of dentistry and in general medicine.

Dr. Petra also spent one semester at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgium (Universiteit Antwerpen) and later she worked several months as a dental hygienist in Finland (YTHS Tampere). Right after her studies Dr. Petra started to work in a private family dentistś care in Protivín. She regularly participates in various practical and theoretical seminars and congresses.


Dr. Petra loves her job, she is ambitious and very friendly and empathetic.

Dr. Petra speaks English.

In her free time she likes doing all-round sports, travelling and playing guittar or piano just for fun.




MDDr. Markéta Kučerová


Specialization: restorative dentistry, esthetics and prosthetics


Dr. Markéta was born in České Budějovice, where she also graduated from the Grammar School. Having taken school leaving exams in 2005, she commenced her studies at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Pilsen, specializing in dentistry, which she successfully graduated in 2010.

While studying, she regularly visited her mother´s private dentistś care in České Budějovice, where she started working after the graduation. She still has a part- time job there. From 2011 Dr. Markéta worked as a dentist for European standard private clinic in Prague, where she continued in improving her knowledge regarding restorative dentistry, aesthetics, prosthetics, surgery and implantology under the tutelage of experienced colleagues. Since graduation she regularly participates in various practical and theoretical seminars and international congresses.


Dr. Markéta is a very positive personality, who always looks the best solution.

Dr. Markéta  is very attentive to her patients, but in case of need she is able to make a quick decision.

In her free time she likes doing sports, listening to music and cooking.




Adéla Michalčáková, DiS. et DiS.



Adéla Michalčáková was born in 1987 in Jesenik. After graduation of Jesenik Grammar School in 2006, she entered the three-year studies at Jan Evangeliste Purkyne  College for certified dental technicians in Ustí nad Labem.
Adéla graduated in 2009 and then immediately started a three-year studies at the same  College for certified dental hygienists, which she successfully completed in 2012.

During her studies she worked in private practice focused primarily on periodontal patients which resulted  in the gain of valuable experience in the field of periodontology.
Adéla also participated in many expert lectures and seminars during her studies.
She also currently works (part-time) as a teacher at a secondary medical school in Prague.

Adela is thoroughly trained by hygienist Markéta Pavlovičová, who let her valuable experience and skills of a nine-year practice.




MUDr. Lucie Irikovská

Visiting specialist, consultant

Specialization: Orthodontics


Dr. Lucie Irikovská was born in Melnik. After having graduated from grammar school, she took her degree at Medical faculty of Charles University in Prague. In 2008, she commenced doctor of medicine in the field of dentistry. After finishing her studies she had been working for 2 years as a dentist in a private dental practice in Prague.

In 2009 Dr. Lucie started her clinical preparation for the first attestation in Orthodontics at the Orthodontics Department of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University and General Faculty Hospital in Prague. She passed the specialization attestation in orthodontics in 2012.

Dr. Lucie Irikovská is a member of Czech Orthodontic Society. She takes an active part in many educational events in the Czech republic and abroad as well.


She speaks Czech and English.




MUDr. Vladivoj Tuzar

Visiting specialist, consultant

Specialization: anesthesiology


Dr. Tuzar was born in Pilsen in 1959. This is also there that he graduated from the grammar school and the Medical Faculty of Charles University. He started to work as a freelance physician - anesthesiologist at the Anesthesiology-Resuscitation Department of The Faculty Hospital in Pilsen. He also received his attestation of grade I and II in the field of anesthesiology-resuscitation there.


Dr. Tuzar has been fully devoted to applying anesthesia as a freelance anesthesiologist specializing in dental ambulatory anesthesia and sedation in private practices and health institutions since 1994.


Since 2002, Dr. Tuzar has been organizing expert educational events for physicians and dental assistants on urgent resuscitation. He is a tutor on cardiopulmonal resuscitation and early defibrillation within The Czech Resuscitation Council activities.


Several of Vladivoj’s articles on sedation, cardiopulmonal resuscitation and early defibrillation have been published in expert magazines for physicians.


In 2005, Vladivoj became member of the Czech Resuscitation Council and took part in international ALS course of The European Resuscitation Council. In the course of his work experience, he also undertook international scholarship in Stuttgart, Germany.




MUDr. Petr Kozlík

Visiting specialist, consultant

Specialization: prosthetics, restorative dentistry


Dr. Petr was born in Podbořany in 1959. After successful graduation of residential Grammar School, he studied Faculty of General Medicine at Charles University in Prague, with graduation in 1983. He broadened his medical knowledge by attaining the first degree attestation in dentistry in 1986.


Dr. Petr started working as a doctor in Military Center Dukla Praha. Between the years 1984-1994, he acted as a dentist at Health Community Center in Lubenec. Afterwards, he passed on to private surgery in Prague - Krč and Vinohrady. Since 2003, Dr. Petr has been the owner and expert dentist in his private practice Valeriana, one of the most up to date equipped private practices in the Czech Republic. He has been using laser diagnostics and ozone painless therapy as one of the first dentist in the Czech Republic. He specializes particularly in prosthesis, preventive dentistry and endodontics.


Dr. Petr published several articles about dentistry in mass media (e.g. Lidové noviny newspaper, Lidé a země magazine, Koktejl magazine), he also gave several interviews for Czech radio Radiožurnál. He is also a contract worker for MAX magazine.


Dr. Peter is a member of Czech Dental Chamber, VIP member of Czech Dental Academy and member of KaVo-Dental Excellence Club.

In his free time, he likes to do sports (cycling, squash, table tennis), photography (portraits) and document. He speaks German and Russian.




Ing. Veronika Řehořková



Veronika was born in Moravská Třebová and grew up in Brno, where she graduated from the Grammar School. She then applied to the University of Economics in Prague, specialization Accounting and Financial Management/Marketing.


After her studies, Veronika worked for several companies such as Vodafone, T-Systems and Raiffeisen-Leasing, where she was in charge of financial reporting and controlling.
She broadened her horizons by travelling to distant countries (like Iran, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Lebanon) and by studying Spanish.
During her first maternity leave she also worked part-time for KPMG as advisor in the accounting and financial services department.


She spends most of her free time with her children Jáchym and Ema, she also loves to play beach volleyball, ride a bike, do mountain hiking and attend cultural events.




Zuzana Procházková



Zuzana was born in Šternberk, where she used to live only part of her childhood and the rest she has spent living abroad with her family. She has started to study languages when she was young. Zuzana has had a bilingual education. After studies at Grammar school and Spanish filology at Palacký University Olomouc she has traveled and finished her studies at University of Sevilla. Zuzana is finishing her studies at Metropolitan University Prague, specialization International relations and European studies.


Zuzana speaks Spanish and English.


Her hobbies are:  sport, travelling and her studies.



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